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William Hatchett Texts, Links etc

[For Eliza Haywood Texts, Links etc, and criticism of the same, see here. For links specifically related to Haywood's life, contemporary biographical accounts etc, see here.]

My biography of William Hatchett is here (but NB The Literary Encyclopedia is a subscription site). The Wikipedia entry I created for Hatchett is here.

Facsimile Texts and Downloadable pdfs

Below are links to eighteenth-century editions of works by William Hatchett (the item numbers are from my Bibliography of Eliza Haywood (2004)) that are on Google Books, The Internet Archive, etc. This list is not complete, but I'll add items as I find them.

Dd.1.1a The Adventures of Abdalla (1729)

Dd.1.1b The Adventures of Abdalla, 2nd ed. (1730)

Dd.3.1 The Morals of Princes (1729) [University of Michigan copy]
Dd.3.1 The Morals of Princes (1729) [University of Madrid copy] ¶ This copy was not recorded in my Bibliography.

Dd.8.1 A Chinese Tale (1740) [NEW]

Dd.10.1 A Remarkable Cause on a Note of Hand (1742)

Works attributed to Hatchett

De.1.2 The Fall of Mortimer, 2nd ed. (1731)

De.5 Remarks on an historical play, called, The Fall of Mortimer (1731)

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