Friday, 2 April 2010

Georgian Ale Glass, ca. 1740

It would take a long time to get through a modern stubby of beer using this English Ale Glass, let alone a long-neck bottle. And I am struggling to think of a beer special enough to drink out of a glass that is about 270 years old.

So I think I am more likely to drink a nice glass of Muscat out of it. Or a Rutherglen Rare Tokay from Chambers. But I am in no hurry, because I think I'll probably get just as much pleasure out of just looking at it, and looking at it doesn't require me to clean it afterwards. And almost every glass I have broken I broke cleaning…

[UPDATE 30 Jan 2011: lan Mckenzie has gently corrected me. This is not, in fact, an ale glass but a tear-stemmed wine glass. Apparently, ale glasses have deeper bowls. And since "wine" meant fortified wine when this glass was made it would be particularly appropriate for me to drink a Rare Tokay from Chambers out of this glass. Perfect in fact. So, being corrected by Ian about this is, as Dumbledore would say, like losing a Knut and finding a Galleon!]

[UPDATE: 2 July 2016: After all my pictures disappeared (again) I decided to give up on external hosts for large versions (1000px) of my image files and, for now on, will stick with the smaller images (500px), which Blogger is prepared to host.]

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Doc-in-Boots said...

I hope you'll find the right beer, wine or spirits. That's a beautiful glass.