Sunday, 30 October 2011

Publicity for BSRE, Paul and I (at Monash)

There was some welcome publicity at Monash for Paul Watt and I following the publication of our Bawdy Songbooks of the Romantic Period. There were two articles, issued a few weeks apart, under the same name (but slightly different in content) issued in Monash's Latest News and Monash Memo.

The two stories are Frisky songsters uncovered (21 September 2011) and Frisky songsters uncovered (5 October 2011). The Memo article was ccompanied by a bio piece under the title Getting to know ... Patrick Spedding. There was a similar profile of Paul done last year under the title 60 seconds with … Dr Paul Watt (14 April 2010).

Hunting around for the above links, I found the URL for an article about my Bibliography of Eliza Haywood which appeared five year's ago in Monash Memo: Haywood bibliography wins modern language award (29 November 2006). This page would appear every time I used Google to check something on my Monash profile page, but it disappeared a few years ago and I assumed the page had been taken down.

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