Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Eliza Haywood Played By Emma Thompson

According to Myheritage.com's facial recognition system, the celebrity who looks most like Eliza Haywood is Emma Thompson. So, when the story of Haywood's like is turned into a film, we know who we need to get to play the part!

As you can the fit is only 63%, but the likeness is striking. It would be even more striking if Emma were to put on a few kilos, which would make her face a little less angular. Here are a few more images that help to show the likeness.

[UPDATE: 2 July 2016: After all my pictures disappeared again I decided to give up on external hosts for large versions (1000px) of my image files and, for now on, will stick with the smaller images (500px), which Blogger is prepared to host.]

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Doc-in-Boots said...

Being a Thompson fan, I totally approve.