Thursday 12 September 2013

Contemporary Reviews of Haywood's New Present for a Servant-Maid (1771)

Below are transcripts of two contemporary reviews of Eliza Haywood's A New Present for a Servant-Maid (1771), a revision of A Present for a Servant-Maid (1743), with links to the original texts (now on Google Books). See here for a complete list of early reviews of Haywood's works available online.

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Ab.58.9 A New Present for a Servant-Maid, Monthly Review 46 (April 1772): 463 (Article 59)—online here

Art. 59. A new Present for a Servant-Maid: containing Rules for her moral Conduct, both with respect to herself and her Superiors: the whole Art of Cookery, Pickling, Preserving, &c. With Marketing Tables, and Tables for calling- up Expences, &c. By Mrs. Haywood. 12mo. 2s. bound, Pearch, &c. 1771.

The Present for a Servant-Maid has been published, as a twelve-penny pamphlet, above 20 years; and was esteemed by your good housewifes (the race was not quite extinct, in this island, about 20 years ago) as a well-designed and valuable tract. The additions now made, relating to Cookery, and other domestic concerns, must render the work still more extensively useful.

* * * * *

Ab.58.9 A New Present for a Servant-Maid, The Critical Review 33 (June 1772): 500 (Art.43)—online here

43. A new Present for a Servant-Maid. 12mo. 2s. Pearch.

This is an improved edition of a pamphlet which has long been considered as useful.

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