Saturday, 25 October 2014

Recent activity on this blog

Although it looks like I have been neglecting this blog: don't be fooled! I have been regularly updating my previous posts, particularly my lists of Eliza Haywood Texts, Links etc. (and, last year, Eighteenth-Century Erotic Texts Online etc.) as more electronic versions of texts become available.

As a for-instance, according to the Wayback Machine, the number of Facsimile Texts and Downloadable pdfs I have listed in the last four years (looking at the Ab. sequence only) has grown as follows:

8 July 2011: 49 items
15 March 2012: 55 items
21 April 2013: 82 items
25 October 2014: 118 items

So, if you don’t see any new posts, have another look at some of the old ones!

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