Sunday 3 July 2016

Recent updates to images on this blog

When I started this blog in 2009 I wanted to include larger images than Blogger would host, so I paid for an external host for hot-linked the images. Said host has now gone belly up and all my images have dissapeared, giving this blog—and others I maintain—a derelict look. I decided to shut down one of my old blogs ( and re-post almost the images that had gone missing from this blog.

Since I managed to change the pixel-width of this blog from 400 to 500 fairly early on (in 2010?), I have decided not to continue hosting linked 1000px images for each image on display. Instead, I will post only 500px images and if anyone wants larger ones, you can contact e for this.

Re-posting all the images from more than six years of blogging has taken a lot of time, which means I have done very few new posts of late—something I hope to change. However, I have got to re-acquaint myself with my earlier posts and make a few changes here and there. I have increased the size of the earlier images (where possible), corrected some errors and refreshed some links (especially one from YouTube). If you find any dead links that I have missed please let me know about it! Thanks.