Tuesday 1 September 2020

My 2020 Siesta

Normally, after such a long break between posts I'd feel the need for a proportionately long explanation for my silence.

Instead, I'll just say "Covid" and start tidying up this mess by updating some of my more-frequently visited past posts.

But, just to make sure this new post is visible, below is my "state of disaster" and "Stage 4" lock-down recommendation: find a comfortable spot, and read.

As you can see (below), the artist of "La Siesta" or "The Siesta" is Luc Barbut-Davray (1863–1926), an artist who produced many "Boudoir" paintings of pensive female readers.

The Parisian publisher of this postcard is Armand Noyer, who was located at the Boulevard de Strasbourg in Paris from ca.1910 until post-1948. Noyer was a member of the Salon de Paris and photographed paintings for the Salon and other institutions.

The present whereabouts of this 1914 Salon painting is unknown, but a colour version of the postcard was produced at the time (below).