Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Haywood Bibliography, Addenda and Corrigenda

I have been planning a second edition of my Bibliography of Eliza Haywood ever since the first edition went to press in 2004.

To that end I have converted the WriteNow 2.0 files (which I used to produce the page-proofs) to WriteNow 3.0, which I then saved as RTF files and opened and saved in Word 2004 for Mac—with all the endless reformatting that this requires. Having converted over three thousand working files from WriteNow 2.0 to Word 2004, I will get to update all of these Word 2004 files to Word 2008 next year. Oh the inexpressible joy of technology!

Anyway, I have also been continuously updating entries, as I encounter new information, correcting errors in existing entries, when I have been able to identify them, and adding new entries when new editions and issues come to light. More often than not, these corrections and additions have been identified when I have bought a copy of the book concerned.

I have decided to start publishing these Addenda here, for the moment. (I have an appropriate domain for them, but creating a web site from scratch will have to wait.) I will publish each entry separately, indexing them below, and provide each with a version number. Since these addenda will form the basis of my planned second edition, they should be considered second edition entries. So, if anyone wishes to cite them you should do so in the form

Patrick Spedding, A Bibliography of Eliza Haywood, 2nd. ed. (2009), Ab.60.11A [ver. 09.01], accessed 21 July 2009.

A Bibliography of Eliza Haywood, 2nd. ed.

Ab.35.3 [ver. 09.01]
Ab.44.1aA [ver. 11.01]
Ab.60.11A [ver. 09.01]
Ab.70.5a–c [ver. 09.01]
Ca.9 Ermangrade [ver. 10.01]
Ed.59.12a–17 (Appendix D) [ver. 10.01]

[Last updated 25 October 2011]

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