Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Dracula (1979) as Paranormal Romance

In September 2008 I helped organise, and participated in, a two-day symposium at Monash University under the title Vampires, Vamps and Va Va Voom: A Critical Engagement with Paranormal Romance.

The symposium was great fun and great experience for those involved. (And NB, two presenters who were sessional or fixed-term staff now have ongoing positions and four or five(?) honours students have since won scholarships to extend their studies.) Information about the symposium, and podcasts of the papers, are available online (here).

My paper examines the main romance elements of John Badham's Dracula (1979), comparing them to typical elements in Paranormal Romance fiction, to assess whether the film succeeds a romance narrative or a horror story with a romantic sub-plot.

Anyway, the first version of the file they posted of my paper was corrupt and impossible to understand. Last week it was re-posted and is now available here. I had to listen to part of the file again to see if it was okay and doing so has encouraged me to write up the paper for publication. So, if you have any thoughts, any suggestions or criticisms, please do let me know. I can be contacted on

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