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Works Containing Gardner Ornaments

I spent the second half of 2013 on study leave. During that time I compiled two lengthy articles of Thomas Gardner, his wife and son, who carried on his publishing business after he died in 1765. Both articles were published in Script and Print in the first half of 2015. (They were going to appear together, but at over eighty pages of print, were too long for a single, sixty-four-page issue.) I think of them as Gardner 1 and Gardner 2 or "Bio" and "Checklist," but the titles are:

[1] "Thomas, Lucy and Henry Lasher Gardner, Opposite St. Clement's Church in the Strand, 1739–1805" Script and Print, vol.39, no.1 (February 2015): 21–58. Copy on

[2] "Thomas Gardner's Ornament Stock: A Checklist" Script and Print, vol.39, no.2 (May 2015): 69–111. Copy on

These article started with material I was going to publish in a blog post here. But, as the material rapidly grew, I realised it would have to be a few posts, then an article, then two articles! Long as my articles are, quite a bit of the material I collected during my research was never going to make it into them. But I tried to hold off posting anything here until my articles were in print (emphasis on tried: one moment of weakness, quickly led to another).

Since 2015, I have published one more article:

[3] "A Postscript on Thomas Gardner’s Printing," Script and Print, vol. 40, no. 1 (May 2016): 43–45. Copy on

And while drafting a few others I recently identified an error in the printing of the ornament catalogue. Because I was still researching and drafting essays, I had still been kind-of holding off posting anything more here. However, now that my main articles are in print, and I have an error to correct, there really doesn't seem to be any good reason to hold off publishing anything more about Gardner here, and at least one good reason to not hold off. So I won't.

The printing error in Gardner 2 is that the image of one headpiece (H16) is repeated (it appears as both H16 and H18), while a second headpiece image (of H18) is omitted. This is the image of H18 that ought to have appeared in Gardner 2:

* * * * *

Below is a bibliography of the books, pamphlets etc. that contain Thomas Gardner ornaments (i.e., the forty-nine ornaments I identified as belonging to him), but which I did not include in my "Checklist" Bibliography (Part A [only containing Gardner ornaments] or B [containing a mix of ornaments]). Although the lists below may contain items I accidentally omitted from my article, they are not lists of errata and corrigenda. Rather, they are supplement to my "Checklist"—since they are/will be mostly made up of items that [a] I did not locate using the method I outlined in my "Checklist" or [b] which were intentionally left out of my "Checklist," such as the dozens of items not available on ECCO or in digital surrogate elsewhere.

It is possible that the bibliography below, combined with the "selection of Gardner’s output" I included in my "Checklist," may, in time, amount to a near-complete list of items printed by Gardner. I certainly hope it does, and so I will be very grateful for any information provided to expand the lists below. I have started today with only the two items identified by Carlo Dumontet, which he reported to me almost immediately after my "Checklist" was published, and one by David Levy, which he sent me last week. (A big thank you to Carlo and David.) I will add the Haywood and Shakespeare items I identified in Gardner 3, as soon as I get a chance.

Given the progress Hazel Wilkinson has now made in "developing methods of identifying unknown printers using digital imaging" (i.e., using image-recognition software to locate and match printer’s ornaments on ECCO files), there is a new and enticing method for identifying extra Gardner items: Fleuron: A Database of Eighteenth-Century Printers' Ornaments. David found his addition to this list using Fleuron. My first attempts on this site suggest that there is very good chance that I will soon be able to greatly-expand these lists. If so, great! It may not take decades—which is normal for such enterprises—to reach the point where it is possible to obtain a much more complete picture of the scope of Gardner’s printing activities.

* * * * *

A: List of eleven items containing only Gardner ornaments (NB: new items will be numbered sequentially, A1, A2 etc., but will be arranged chronologically).

A11. [Elizabeth Cooper], The Historical and Poetical Medley: Or Muses Library; being a choice and faithful collection of the best antient English poetry, from the times of Edward the Confessor, to the reign of King James the First. With The Lives and Characters of the known Writers taken from the most Authentick Memoirs. Being The most valuable Collection of the Kind now extant, affording Entertainment upon all Subjects whatsoever (London: Printed for T. Davies, in Duke’s Court over-against St. Martin’s Church, in St. Martin’s Lane, 1738); ESTC: T61451; available on GB here. Ornaments: [i] (T13). ¶ The Gardner ornament appears on the title-page (only) of what is the third issue of a book that was issued four times. It is possible that Gardner printed this title-leaf only and had no role in printing either the book itself, or any of the other title-leaves. The other issues are: [i] The Muses Library; or a series of English poetry, from the Saxons, to the reign of King Charles II. Containing, the lives and characters of all the known writers in that Interval, the Names of their Patrons; Complete Episodes, by way of Specimen of the larger Pieces, very near the intire Works of some, and large Quotations from others. Being a general collection of almost all the old valuable poetry extant, now so industriously enquir’d after, tho’ rarely to be found, but in the Studies of the Curious, and affording Entertainment on all Subjects, Philosophical, Historical, Moral, Satyrical, Allegorical, Critical, Heroick, Pastoral, Gallant, Amorous, Courtly, and Sublime, by Langland, Gower, Chaucer, Lidgate, Occleve, Harding, Barclay, Fabian, Skelton, Howard Earl of Surrey, Sir T. Wyat, Dr. Bourd, Sackville Earl of Dorset, Churchyard, Higgens, Warner, Gascoign, Turberville, Nash, Sir Philip Sidney, Grevill L. Brook, Spencer, Sir John Harrington, Chalkhill, Fairfax, Sir John Davis, Sir W. Raleigh, Sir Edw. Dyer, Daniel, etc. Vol.1. (London: Printed for J. Wilcox in the Strand; T. Green at Charing-Cross; J. Brindley in New-Bond-Street; and T. Osborn in Gray’s-Inn, 1737); ESTC: T144867; reissued [ii] as The Muses Library; or, a series of English poetry, … The second edition. Vol. 1. (London: Printed for T. Davies, [1737]); ESTC: N69586; reissued [iv] as The Muses Library; or, a series of English poetry… (London: Printed for James Hodges, at the Looking-Glass, overagainst St. Magnus Church, London-Bridge, 1741); ESTC: T144866 .

A3. Luke Ogle, The Natural Secret History of Both Sexes: Or, A Modest Defense of Public Stews, 4th ed. (London: Printed in the year, 1740); ESTC: T230930; reissued as Part 3 (Part 7 of 9 in the contents list) in William Beckett, A collection of chirurgical tracts (London: Printed for E. Curll, sold by C. Rivington, Messrs. Birt, Ware, Longman, Hitch, Wood and Company, J. Clark and J. Hodges, on London-Bridge, [1740]); ESTC: T114928. Ornaments: [i] (H07), xii (H09), [1] (H08, F07), 77 (H08), 79 (T11), 80 (H09), 90 (T11), 91 (H08).

A5. Samuel Wesley, Sexus invicem depraeliantes: ex Anglico Latine redditum (London: C. Corbett, 1740); ESTC: T48007 . Ornaments: [i] (T01), 2 (07), 3 (F09), 52 (T09), 53 (T10).

A4. Catherine Douglas, Duchess of Queensberry, A Proper Reply to a Late Very Extraordinary Letter from the Hon. T----s H----y, Esq; to Sir Thomas Hanmer, Bart. (London: Printed for W. Webb, near St. Paul’s, 1742); ESTC: T53983; available on GB here. Ornaments: [1] (T10), [3] (H06).

A7. John Cookesey, Christianity founded on argument. A sermon Preached before the University of Oxford, on Palm Sunday, March 27, 1743 (London: printed for William Sandby, at the Ship without Temple-Bar, 1743); ESTC: T30688 ; available on GB here. Ornaments: 1 (H06, F05), 23 (T01).

A2. Edward Vernon, Authentic papers relating to the expedition against Carthagena (London: Printed for L. Raymond, and sold by J. M. in Pater-noster-Row, 1744); ESTC: T22782 ; available on GB here; reissued as Authentic papers relating to the expedition against Carthagena, 2nd ed. (London: Printed for L. Raymond, and sold by M. Cooper at the Globe in Pater-noster-row, 1744); ESTC: T22783. Ornaments: 100 (T06).

A1. Edward Legge, A letter to a certain eminent British sailor, occasion'd by his Specimen of naked truth (London: Printed for M. Moore, 1746); ESTC: T89560; available on IA here. Ornaments: [1] (T05), [3] (H06, F08), 32 (T13).

A8. The Edge taken off: Or The Conundrums and Home-Clinches Of The Whet-Stone Unriddled. To which are added, Some Fresh Conundrums, and their Answers (London: Printed for J. Robinson, at the Golden-Lyon in Ludgate-Street, 1745); ESTC: T75787; L copy (incomplete) available on GB here. Ornaments: [1] (T12), [8] (H12, inverted), [1] (H09).

A9. The whet-Stone: or the spawn of puzzle. Being a fresh collection of conundrums, never before publish’d (London: Printed for J. Robinson, at the Golden-Lyon in Ludgate-Street, 1745); ESTC: T75838; L copy (incomplete) available on GB here. Ornaments: [1] (T12), [1] (H09).

A10. An Earnest Address to Britons. Wherein the Several Artifices Made Use of by the Emissaries of France and Rome, to Corrupt the Minds of the People, and to Overturn Our Happy Constitution, are Explained, and Laid Open to Public View … (London: Printed for J. Robinson, at the Golden-Lyon in Ludgate-Street, [1745]); ESTC: T72093 (which dates this pamphlet to 1745); O copy available on GB here. Ornaments: [1] (H03, F02), [30] (T07).

A6. Memoirs of the Nutrebian court: discovering The Distresses of the Queen, happy Birth, and surprizing Deliverance of her Children, the Intrigues and Cabals of the Grandees; the Providential …, 2 vols. (London: printed for M. Laugham and sold by J. Robinson and W. Reeves, 1747); ESTC: T57810; vol.1 available on GB here; vol.1 available on GB here; reissued as Nutrebian tales, Or the strange and surprising adventures of a captive Queen, Wonderful Deliverance of her Children; Curious Metamorphosis of a Monkey, Butterfly, etc. Anecdotes of a Convent, History of the Prince de Barnaville and the Count. The whole Interspersed with many entertaining amours and Secret Histories, 2 vols. (London: R. Dodsley, 1765); ESTC: T57811; Ornaments: vol.1: [iii] (H18), [vii] (H06), [x] (H01), [1] (H07, F07), 31 (H20), 50 (H20), 73 (H20), 89 (H20), 109 (H20), 122 (T10), 123 (H20), 137 (H20), 151 (H20), 165 (T07), 166 (H20), 197 (H20), 214 (T13), 215 (H20); vol.2: [1] (H06, F07), 21 (H20), 43 (T13), 44 (H20), 65 (H20), 87 (H20), 110 (H20), 113 (T12), 128 (H20), 150 (H20), 173 (H20), 191 (H20), 210 (H20), 230 (H20), 256 (T02).

* * * * *

B: List of five items containing a mix of ornaments (NB: new items will be numbered sequentially, B1, B2 etc., but will be arranged chronologically).

B2. Thémiseul de Saint-Hyacinthe, The history of Prince Titi. Book the fourth. Translated by a lady (London: Printed for E. Curll, at Pope’s Head, in Rose Street Covent-Garden, 1736); ESTC: N33012 ; Ornaments: [i] (printer's device: Pope’s Head), [1] (H06), 94 (T07).

B3. Richardson Pack, Major Pack's Poetical remains. Published from his original manuscripts (London; Printed for E. Curll, at Pope's Head, in Rose Street, Covent-Garden, [1738]); ESTC: T132220 ; Ornaments: 12 (T07), 19 (mystery tailpiece), 24 (T07), 30 (T07), 36 (T01).

B1. Canute Young, Chronologia enucleata. Or, a pocket library. Shewing the most material occurrences from the creation of the world down to this time (London: Printed for the author, and sold by Mr. Hodges, Mr. Meadows, P. Morony, Mr. Clark, Mr. Jefferies, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Millan, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Meighan, 1739); ESTC: T78099; reissued as The historian's vade mecum; or a pocket companion ([London]: Printed by Catherine Clifton, for P. Morony, 1741); Fleuron: 0140500900; ESTC: T112175. Ornaments: [i] (H16), [1] (H06, F09), 14 (T01), 15 (H10), 26 (H10), 44 (T07), 45 (mystery headpiece), 53 (T05), 54 (H16), 65 (H17), 74 (H16), 82 (T13), 83 (H10), 97 (H17), 109 (T07), 110 (H18), 116 (T05), 117 (H10), 125 (T13), 126 (H17), 140 (T07), 141 (H10), 146 (T13), 147 (H17), 153 (H18), 167 (T05), 168 (H10, T07), 169 (mystery headpiece), 176 (T03), 178 (H17), 190 (T13), 191 (H10), 198 (T07), 199 (mystery headpiece), 209 (T13), 210 (H17), 211 (H10, T01), 212 (mystery headpiece, T05).

B4. The School of Venus: Or, the Lady's Miscellany, 2nd ed. (London: Printed for E. Curll, at Pope’s Head, in Rose Street Covent-Garden, 1739); ESTC: T73534; Ornaments: [3] (mystery headpiece), 19 (T07), [23] (mystery headpiece), 30 (T05), 31 (H02), 36 (mystery headpiece), 40 (T01), 43 (mystery headpiece), 56 (T03), [57] (mystery headpiece), 66 (T05).

B5. Claude Prosper Jolyot de Crébillon, The Skimmer: or the history of Tanzai and Neadarne, 2 vols (London: Printed for F. Galicke near Temple-Bar, 1742); ESTC: T118232; reissued as The Skimmer: or the history of Tanzai and Neadarne, 2 vols. (London: printed only for Daniel Lynch, in Cock Court, next Door to Stationers-Hall, 1748); ESTC: T97241; Ornaments: vol.1: [i] (mystery tailpiece), [iii] (mystery factotum), [1] (F07), 151 (T11), 249 (T10); vol. 2: [1] (F09), 45 (T10), 101 (T13).

[UPDATED 27 January 2018]

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